Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures

Accepted Position Papers

Posted:  December 7, 1997

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paper001.html - Anup Ghosh, Certifying Security of Components used in Electronic Commerce, Reliable Software Technologies - Jeffrey Voas, An Application-Specific Approach for Assessing the Impact of COTS Components, Reliable Software Technologies

paper003.doc, paper003.html - Art Goldschmidt, A NIIIP Architecture Perspective, National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols Consortium

paper004.html - Jay M. Tenenbaum, Tripatinder S. Chowdhry, and Kevin Hughes, Eco System: An Internet Commerce Architecture, CommerceNet

paper006.html - Richard Creps, Paul Kogut, Using DARPA Software Architecture Technologies to Design and Construct CORBA-based Systems, Lockheed Martin C2 Integration Systems

paper007.pdf - Peyman Oreizy, Nenad Medvidovic, Richard Taylor, David Rosenblum, Software Architecture and Component Technologies:  Bridging the Gap, UC Irvine

paper008.doc - Mansour Kavianpour, The Need for Component-based Software:  Application of OMG CORBA in Building an Engineering Environment for Component Construction and Composition, Affinity Media Inc. (AMI)

paper009.html - Peter Ruttan, Components should automate their own usage:  Achieving high productivity in complex software environments, Netron Inc.

paper010.doc, - Sakir Yucel (1), Toshihiko Kusano (2), Tuncay Saydam (1), A Component Based Distributed Software Architecture for Multimedia Services, (1) The University of Delaware, (2) NEC

paper012.pdf, - Umesh Bellur, The Role of Components & Standards in Software Reuse, Oracle

paper013.html - Bob Hodges, Component Specification and Conformance: What Components must Expose to Compose, Texas Instruments and SEMATECH

paper014.html - David Wells, David Langworthy, Survivability in Object Services Architectures, Object Services and Consulting, Inc.

paper015.html  - Sung-Wook Ryu, B. Clifford Neuman, Garbage Collection for Distributed Persistent Objects, University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute

paper017.doc - Craig Thompson (1), Ted Linden (2), Bob Filman (2), Thoughts on OMA-NG:  The Next Generation OMG Object Management Architecture (Summary), (1) Object Services and Consulting, Inc. and (2) Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation - Leonid Kalinichenko, Component-Based Development Infrastructure:  A Systematic Approach, Russian Academy of Sciences

paper020.doc - Christian Zeidler, Bernhard Malle, Integration Techniques Approaches, Asea Brown Boveri AG, ABB Corporate Research Center

paper021.pdf - Ken McCoy, Solving Large Scale Integration with Architecture: Payment Object Framework, an Example, Tandem

paper022.html - Frank Manola, Towards a Web Object Model, Object Services and Consulting, Inc. - Gul Agha, Compositional Development from Reusable Components Requires Connectors for Managing Both Protocols and Resources, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

paper025.html - Richard Hayton, Matthew Faupel, FlexiNet: Automating Application Deployment and Evolution, APM Ltd.

paper027.html - Robert Seacord, Duke ORB Walker, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

paper030.html - Robert Balzer, Program Managers:  An Infrastructure for Program Integration, USC/ISI

paper031.html - Pablo J. Madril (1), Beatriz deF. Leão (1), Paulo R Lopes(1), Daniel Sigulem (1), Ernani Bento Bandarra (2), CCS - SUS: A Consortium of Healthcare Software Components, (1) Health Informatics Center - Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP São Paulo, SP - Brazil,  (2) DATASUS - Ministry of Health - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil

paper032.html - Ritu Chadha, Integration of Web with Legacy Systems Through Java Applets and Distributed Objects, Bellcore

paper033.pdf - David S. Rosenblum (1), Alex Wolf (2), Antonio Carzaniga (2), Critical Considerations and Designs for Internet-Scale, Event-Based Compositional Architectures, (1) Department of Information & Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, (2) Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder - L.E. Moser, P.M. Melliar-Smith, P. Narasimhan, V. Kalogeraki, L. Tewksbury, The Eternal System, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara

paper035.html - Colin Ashford, The TINA Service Composition Architecture, TINA Consortium - Lee Benzinger, Applying the WDL Composition Theory to Analyze Security Architectures, Lockheed Martin Western Development Laboratories, San Jose, California - Aloysius Mok, The Objectization Problem - What It Is and What Can be Done About It, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin

paper038.html - Gregory Blank, Gene Vayngrib, of the Beans, by the Beans and for the Beans:  The Enterprise Component Broker, Information Builders, Inc.

paper039.txt - Clemens Szyperski, Rudi Vernik, Establishing System-Wide Properties of Component-Based Systems:  A Case for Tiered Component Frameworks, (1) School of Computing Science, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, (2) Software Engineering Group, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Salisbury, South Australia

paper040.doc , figures only - Stephen Milligan (1), Todd Carrico (2), Investigating Large-Scale Agent Architectures, (1) GTE / BBN Technologies and (2) Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)

paper041.html - Venu Vasudevan, Trading-Based Composition for Component-Based Systems, Object Services and Consulting, Inc.

paper042.html - Amr Sabry, A Programming Language Perspective to Compositional Software Architectures, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon

paper043.html, paper043.pdf - R. Schmidt, U. Assmann, P. Biegler, R. Kramer, P. C. Lockemann, C. Rolker, The Interrelatedness of Component-oriented Systems And Workflow-Management:  What they can do for each other, Forschungszentrum Informatik Karlsruhe (FZI) and Universität Karlsruhe

paper046.doc - Bob Filman, Achieving Ilities, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space and Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

paper049.pdf - Lewis Stiller, Dynamic Reconfiguration with CORBA and Common Lisp, Franz Inc.

paper050.html - Cristina Gacek and Barry Boehm, Composing Components: How Does One Detect Potential Architectural Mismatches?, Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California

paper051.doc - Randall Lichota, Perspectives on Component-Based Development for Command and Control Systems, Hughes Information Technology Systems - Kevin Sullivan, Mark Marchukov, Compositionality Problems in Microsoft's COM, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia

paper053.doc - Lowell Rosen, Architectural Issues in COM/CORBA Bridging, The MITRE Corporation

paper054.html - Geoffrey Fox, Briand Sanderson, Charlie Catlett, NCSA Alliance Object Technologies Strategy, National Computational Science Alliance

paper055.html - John Ockerbloom, Accommodation: The Key to Making Widely Adopted Composable Systems, Carnegie Mellon University

paper056.html - Ora Lassila, RDF Metadata and Agent Architectures, Nokia Research Center and W3C

paper057.doc - Vincent Doerfler and Joseph Pemberton, CORBA and Software Component Compatibility, ISX Corporation

paper058.html - Jeff Rees, Intermetrics' OWatch Debugging Technology for Distributed, Component-Based Systems, Intermetrics, Inc.

paper059.html - Douglas Stuart, Nancy Eickelmann, Real-Time Middleware, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

paper061.html - Jack Wileden (1), Alan Kaplan (2), Middleware as Underwear:  Toward a More Mature Approach to Compositional Software Development, (1) Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, (2) Department of Computer Science, Clemson University

paper063.html, - Dennis Heimbigner, Alexander Wolf, Richard Hall, Andre van der Hoek, Deploying Component Software Systems, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder - Jose Meseguer (1), Carolyn Talcott (2), Formal Foundations for Compositional Software Architectures, SRI, Stanford

paper065.html - Catherine Tornabene, Pankaj Jain, Gio Wiederhold, Software for Composition: CHAIMS, Database Group, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

paper066.html - George Heineman, Composing Software Systems from Adaptable Software Components, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

paper067.doc - Stu Barrett, Phillip Foster, Turning Java Components into CORBA Components with Replication, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

paper068.doc - John McKim, DARPA ISO Architecture Lessons Learned, The MITRE Corporation

paper069.doc - Louis Coker, Rick Hayes-Roth, Services First, Components Second!, Teknowledge
paper070.html - Guido van Rossum, Glue It All Together With Python, CNRI

paper071.html - Mike Dean, Developing for Composition, BBN Technologies / GTE Internetworking

paper074.html - John Hotchkiss, Toward a Unified Language Model, Harlequin Inc.

paper075.doc - David J. Korsmeyer, NASA Distributed Information Systems, Computational Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center

paper076.html - Don Faatz, Sushil Jajodia, Catherine McCollum, Security Concerns in Component-Based Data Management, The MITRE Corporation

paper077.html - Arie Segev, Carrie Beam, Martin Bichler, Object Frameworks for Electronic Commerce Using Distributed Objects for Brokerage on the Web, Fisher Center for Management & Information Technology, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

paper078.html - Andrew Tolmach, Dick Kieburtz, Tim Sheard, Lessons Learned from Programming Languages will benefit Component-Based Architectures, Pacific Software Research Center, Oregon Graduate Institute and Portland State University - Zhenyu Wang, Separate Application Logic from Architectural Concerns -- Beyond Object Services and Frameworks, Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University - Nalini Venkatasubramanian (1), Gul Agha (1), Carolyn Talcott (2), Composable QoS-Based Distributed Resource Management, (1) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (2) Stanford University

paper082.html - K. Mani Chandy, Adam Rifkin, and the Infospheres Group, Caltech Infospheres Project, California Institute of Technology

paper083.doc - Henson Graves, David Milgram, Scaling Up the SBD Virtual Prototyping Environment, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center

paper084.doc - Ken Smith, Don Faatz, Security Policy Administration in Compositional Architectures, The MITRE Corporation

paper085.html - Richard Ivanetich, Enhancement of Command and Control Architecture, Computer and Software Engineering Division, Institute for Defense Analyses

paper086.html - Dennis Gannon, Component Architectures for High Performance, Distributed Meta-Computing, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University

paper088.html - Bhavani Thuraisingham, Peter Krupp, John Maurer, Victor Wolfe, Steven Wohlever, Richard Freedman, Eric Hughes, Roman Ginis, Distributed Adaptable Object-based Architectures for Evolvable Real-time Command and Control Systems, The MITRE Corporation

paper089.html - Andrew Berry (1), Simon Kaplan (1,2), Programming the Middleware Machine with Finesse, (1) School of Information Technology, (2) CRC for Distributed Systems Technology (DSTC),  The University of Queensland, Australia

paper091.html - Paul Singleton, The Component-Based Systems Research Team, Department of Computer Science, Keele University, Newcastle, United Kingdom

paper092.doc - B. Thuraisingham and T. Mowbray, Compositional Architecture Support for Interoperable Information Systems, MITRE - Rudolf Keller and Reinhard Schauer, A Repository for Design Components, - (1) Lawrence Chung, (2) Eric Yu, Achieving System-Wide Architectural Qualities, (1) The University of Texas at Dallas, (2) University of Toronto

paper095.html - Arnon Rosenthal, Robert Hyland, Eric Hughes, How to Componentize Data-Intensive Legacy Applications: Issues and Initial Approaches, The MITRE Corporation

paper096.html - Diana Lee and Robert Filman, Verification of Compositional Software Architectures, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

paper097.html - Frank Olken, H.-Arno Jacobsen, Chuck McParland, Middleware Requirements for Remote Monitoring and Control, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

paper098.html - Assad Moini, Emerging Trends in Component Object Technology, Software Productivity Consortium

paper099.doc - Richard  Schantz, David Bakken, David Karr, Joseph Loyall, John Zinky, Distributed Objects with Quality of Service: An Organizing Architecture for Integrated System Properties, BBN Technologies

paper100.doc - Nenad Ivezic, Thomas E. Potok, and Kimberly D. Barnes, Achieving Maturity of Compositional Software Engineering Discipline, Center for Collaborative Technologies Research, Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
paper101.doc - Roger Le and Sharma Chakravarthy, Support for Composite Events and Rules in Distributed  Heterogeneous Environments, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department, University of Florida, Gainesville

paper102.html - Rohit Khare (1), Adam Rifkin (2), Composing Active Proxies to Extend the Web, (1) University of California at Irvine, (2) California Institute of Technology

paper103.html - Craig Thompson, Paul Pazandak, Venu Vasudevan, Frank Manola, Mark Palmer, Gil Hansen, Steve Ford, Intermediary Architecture:  Interposing Middleware Services and Ilities between Web Client and Server, Object Services and Consulting, Inc.

paper104.html - Ted Linden, Component-based Development of Complex Applications, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

paper105.pdf - P. Devanbu, K. Levitt, R. Olsson, R. Pandey, Tools for Migrating, Building, and Maintaining Distributed Systems with Object-Based Standards, Computer Science Department, University of California, Davis

paper106.html - Gabor Seymour, Compositional Software Architecture "ilities" for Wireless Networks, Motorola, Inc.

paper107.doc - E. John Sebes, Terry C. Vickers Benzel, Collaborative Computing, Virtual Enterprises, and Component Software, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

paper108.html - Charles White, Distributed Computing Requirements, Black & White Software, Inc. - David Garlan, Higher Order Connectors, Carnegie Mellon University

paper110.doc - Andy Farrar, Composable Component Architectures, Science Applications International Corporation

paper111.doc - Janis R. Putman, Interoperability and Transparency Perspectives for Component Based Software, MITRE Corporation

paper112.doc - David Diskin, Determining the Role for Compositional Software Architecture for the DoD DII COE, Defence Information Systems Agency