Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures

Component Software Glossary

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Getting a common understanding of the terms that define a young field helps to scope the area and promote common understanding.  It would be a useful outcome from our workshop if we could develop a Component Software Glossary.


I completed a Component Software Glossary a year ago and have not updated it.  It is missing definitions of most of the ilities, many terms in the Index of Topics, and probably contains idiosyncratic definitions of many terms.

If workshop participants are aware of other similar glossaries, please send references and I'll include them

If workshop participants want to provide definitions of some terms they believe are important to understanding the compositional software area, then please do the following.  Send an email

If enough people send terms, I will ask for a co-editor to help develop an improved Component Software Glossary.

Offer good through January 1998.

Glossary Terms

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Expansion Joints

(Conceptual term) when parts of a system are designed so additional functionality can be added at some later date. An example might be, adding distribution, replication, security, or versioning to a distributed system via modular additions. You could put an add-in in an expansion joint. This extension may be seamless or seamy.