OMG Internet PSIG

Minutes of Meeting #30

Orlando, Florida
December 11, 2000

Chairs:  Shel Sutton, Craig Thompson, Harri Kreus (newly elected)
OMG document:  internet/00-12-01



We elected Harri Kreus as co-chair (Thompson made the motion, Garber seconded, white ballot).  Harri brings a vision that mobile computing will pervasively combine with the Internet Web and middleware infrastructure will be needed to make this happen.


Mobility and B2B Portals, Harri Kreus, HM&V Research, Finland - see internet/00-12-02

Question:  How do we join corporate infrastructure to mobile access?  Answer:  via enabling intermediary infrastructures. Talked about emerging standards in the European Community: WAP, WWTLS for security, WML, VoiceXML, UP.Browser, ....  Not yet is there a global or interoperable mobile communication layer.  UGSM is a candidate.  OMG has a potential broad role to play here.

Coalition Security Policy Language, Shel Sutton, MITRE - see internet/00-12-03

What is a policy?  a rule that manages or modifies behavior.  The language for rules is intended to be independent of implementation.  Talked about identification, authorization, obligation, restraints, delegations, constraints.  Current security technology is role based.  Reviewed several security policy languages - SPL, TPL, PLAS, PDL, Ponder,  The Coalition problem is that security policies are different, country to country so a puzzle is interoperability.  What happens when there are multiple policies for an entity, policy precedence, semantic conflicts.  Do domains have to have prior knowledge of each other.  Mobile devices discover and know about each other.  Do I know you - do know about you - introductions and negotiations.  Shel has a 2 year project and is trying to involve 30+ others.

Q:  how does this fit w what Harri talked about?  Shel:  quite well.

Comment by Craig:  policy management is much more general than security - other ilities and QoS need management or administrative interfaces.  Shel agrees.  Craig also mentioned the general work in agents on agent communication languages and ontologies and the specific work by Bradshaw on domains and coalitions and a side meeting with FIPA will happen Wednesday.

Comment by Roger:  there is a B2B body of work too.


Shel mentioned the recent history of the Internet SIG (in the last two years or so) where we focused our work into working groups - agents wg became Agent SIG; Compositional Semantics resulted in a paper Next Generation Object Management Architecture that affected subsequent OMA revisions; CSCW, OTAM, and WOIA all made some progress and then lost their chairs.  He discussed roles of ISIG - presentations and new ideas as well as producing green papers, FRIs, RFPs, and other results.  So what should ISIG do next?  What topics are people interested in?

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