OMG Internet Platform Special Interest Group


March 6-7 2000
Denver, Colorado

co-chairs: Craig Thompson and Shel Sutton

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The agenda for the Denver meeting was as follows:

Monday, March 6, 2000

Internet SIG Future

Shel Sutton and Craig Thompson met to discuss Internet SIG's future.  Both feel Internet SIG has accomplished its primary objectives: For more detail, see the Internet SIG homepage.  Future directions might include a Web/OMA Integration Architecture Working Group, some other directions from Internet Services RFI recommendations or from brainstorming, or termination of the group.  At OMG Oslo ISIG will meet jointly with Telecom TF.  At OMG Burlingame, ISIG will meet to discuss its future.

Related News:

Agent WG Future

OMG Agent Working Group is going strong.  It currently reports to Internet PSIG and Electronic Commerce Domain Task Force.  Agent WG has established its own strong program of work and will likely escalate to becoming a Platform SIG in its own right at the OMG Burlingame meeting in September 2000.

Computer Supported Coorperative Work Future

This working group has developed a green paper and is in the process of moving to Electronic Commerce Domain Task Force.