OMG Internet SIG

Minutes of  Meeting #25

November 15, 1999



by Craig Thompson

Presentation:  Policies, Procedures, Prototypes, and Pilot Implementations (P4I) for Coalition Command, Control, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) and Sustainment, Shel Sutton (MITRE)

DoD need a partnership with industry and activity to solve coalition interoperability and culture problems.  Initial project ideas are Common Information Assurance tools, CSCW, and visualization tools for common operational picture.  Shel covered the structure of a proposed international coalition (P4I) for C4I.  Global info grid (GIG) is a part of this.  See internet-99-11-02 forthcoming.

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Working Group, Henry Rothkopf, MITRE

Jeff Kurtz and Henry Rothkopf handed out a CSCW green paper (internet/99-11-03).  They described a proposed open framework architecture for collaboration.  The framework was defined at MITRE and then other groups at Lockeed and elsewhere have been extending it.  This is more than a common session, rather contexts are persistent.
Some things we covered were CSCW plan on a Birds of a Feather session later in the week.  A potential RFP might be created.  At Mesa several things should happen:  invite more speakers, review revised green paper, review draft RFP, and plan to meet with other relevant groups in OMG to spread the word.

See Birds of a Feather below for more on CSCW.

Agent Working Group

see separate Minutes of Agent Work Group


OMG CSCW WG:  Birds of a Feather Meeting

November 11, 1999


Jeff Kurtz - MITRE -
Henry Rothkopf - MITRE -
Ben Steele - Questra -
Brad Bebee - BAH -
Rod Holland - MITRE -


Minutes by Jeff Kurtz


The group discussed the CSCW object framework presented in the CSCW green paper ( and how the concepts relate to OMG facilities and services.

Ben Steele described his participation in an OOPSLA analysis and design exercise on a related topic: generic tools for CSCW educational
software.  He recommends that we contact Michael Whitlaw, the Australian professor who came up with the design task for the OOPSLA session.

The CSCW framework could align with the E-Commerce framework, workflow, and the CORBA component model (CCM).

Some recommended additions to the green paper