DAVID WELLS (wells@objs.com), OBJS Vice President, is head of software research. Wells received his D. Eng. degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee in 1980. He was Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Southern Methodist University from 1980 to 1986 where he conducted research in databases, computer security, and computer graphics. He joined Texas Instruments in 1986 and until 1995 was principal software architect and Co-Principal Investigator for the DARPA Open OODB, which was deployed at 25 government approved alpha sites and is currently licensable as a research product from TI. Wells developed the open systems principles and mechanisms that make Open OODB extensible by third parties. The Open OODB meta architecture served as one of the bases for the Object Management Group's (OMG) Object Services Architecture, which has been adopted by over 500 computer vendors and object-oriented software companies as the basis for developing interoperable systems. Wells is experienced in leading large research and development projects, having been PI of 4 research contracts with total funding of $10.7M dollars. He holds 3 patents and 2 patent applications in the areas of database software techniques and data security, has authored 5 journal articles, 12 conference proceedings, and 24 invited external presentations and panels. He is reviewer for the National Science Foundation Scientific Databases Initiative, the State of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and various journals and conferences including the International Conferences on Very Large Databases, the VLDB Journal, ACM Transactions on Databases, IEEE Computer, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and SIGMOD Conferences.

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