OMG Internet SIG

Web/OMA Integration Architectures (WOIA)

Working Group

Minutes of Meeting #2

Chair:  Frank Manola, OBJS
September 14, 1998 - 1:00 - 2:45 p.m.
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This second meeting of the WOIA Working Group was mainly a repeat of the first meeting:  since there were many who had not attended the first meeting, there was considerable discussion about the motivation for setting up the WG, and possible goals and work products.

Manola had circulated a draft initial charter via the email list following the intial meeting of the group in Orlando (this was subsequently recirculated after this meeting as well). This draft charter reads as follows:

"The Web/OMA Integration Architectures Working Group has as its general goals:
The group identified several key issues, including: The group also identified some useful things to address: Manola noted that two OBJS reports, Towards a Web Object Model and Some Web Object Model Construction Technologies, provide an introduction to many of the technologies potentially relevant to WOIA.

WOIA now has its own mailing list:; OMG members should send mail to to get on this list.