[7 June 1996: Attached is a draft charter for a proposed OMG Internet Platform Task Force. A decision was made at the OMG Internet SIG meeting held in Washington D.C. on 3-7 June 1996not to request to convert IPSIG to a task force at this time. Instead, the Internet Services RFI drafted by IPSIG was released as an OMG ORBOS RFI. We will await responses to the RFI to determine which is the right thing to do:

Internet TaskForce
Acting Co-Chairs: Shel Sutton (MITRE) and Craig Thompson(OBJS)
Telephone: 703-883-6677 214-379-3320
Email: shel@mail06.mitre.org, thompson@objs.com

The charter of the OMG Internet Platform Task Force (ITF) is to:

It is intended to bring the potential of enhanced interoperability, reusability, application portability, etc. to the Internet based on OMG technologies. At the same time, it will bring challenges to the OMG from the Internet community for infrastructure mechanisms (e.g., scalability, security, tunneling) to make OMG technologies pervasive.

The Internet Task Force's mission is to:

Formatting note: The above charter is in the format of other OMG task forces.

Last Modified: 13 June 1996 (reflects updates from Washington D.C. IPSIG meeting)