Internet Platform Special Interest Group


Monday, 24 July 2002


0900 0915 Greetings and Administrivia


0915 1015 Presentation: M-Commerce and Location-based Services

Shel Sutton


1015 1030 Break


1030 1130 Discussion: Future of the Internet PSIG


1130 1300 Lunch


1300 1700 Joint meeting with C4I DTF and Security SIG


Presentation: Security Needs Beyond Access Control in

Multi-Enterprise Environments

Shel Sutton


Presentation: Secure Information Sharing in a Multi-Enterprise


Jack Wool, Senior Vice President, Cryptek, Inc.

Description of presentation:

Technical mechanisms exist for the data separation of different communities of interest and the controlled release of data from one community to another. The policy to use these mechanisms is generally well established where the data is primarily owned and controlled by one authority. The basic problem for collaboration exists where groups with different data ownership's with different data handling policies have to mediate use of the available data pool to meet a combined goal or activity. A technical mechanism is needed which can 1) quickly and clearly support this policy mediation, 2) provide a way for the parties to understand the proposed resolved policy for data handling, 3) provide for a policy release to initiate to new policy, 4) provide for data/process mapping during the span of the new policy, and 5) to provide for the scope of new operations to be gracefully terminated when the term of the new policy expires.

Mr. Wool has over twenty years of IT experience including professionalservices, software development, marketing strategy, business development, 24x7 customer support, domestic and international sales, value added reseller and original equipment manufacturer support. Currently, Mr. Wool is a Senior Vice President at Cryptek, Inc., and responsible for business development, sales and customer support. Cryptek manufactures and sells secure networking and facsimile products for clients that have sensitive and proprietary data handling requirements. Mr. Wool was involved in the design and use of secure operating systems (evaluated to NSA or ISO standards), networking and other security products, including delivery of courses on Trusted systems concepts and the use of Trusted products to achieve enterprise-wide business objectives. His experience includes operational management as a former COO, professional services management, data center management, software development ma! nagement, systems design, systems integration, and transition of legacy systems to new technologies.


Discussion: Communications and Computing Infrastructure Information Assurance and Security Considerations for C4I and Crisis Response

Objective: Ongoing development of White Paper on high level requirements for architectural convergence for Information Assurance and Security paradigms (CORBASec and Common Criteria)

Current WP text is at c4i/02-04-03