OMG Internet SIG 
Minutes of Meeting #11 

Stressa, Italy 
May 5, 1997
OMG Document internet/97-05-01
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Dave Gamble kept minutes.  Shel opens meeting with brief discussion regarding agenda. 

Internet Facility RFP #2 

What do we want to include in this RFP (some discussion).

Bill - drafted RFP1 - is this all we want?

No protocol restrictions

Ask for IMF4 & MIME (not implied by SMP)

(Interfaces for encode/decode)

The group started a Brainstorm session to product a list - under the understanding that we would then hack it, The initial lists generated by this process were as follows:

Possible Items for RFP#2  Other Potential RFP Topics  Trusted Third Party services  The group then proceeded to process the lists generated.

SNMP is part of management services (not part of ISIG RFP)

Work on "Other RFP topics"

Some discussion on listed topics ...

- what would VRML look like!!

TTP issues list written by Bernd then discussed.

Bill and Bernd discussed security related issues (who owns these issues?) Shel - Perhaps we should have a joint ISIG/SecSig meeting? Back to Other Lists

VRML requires further research

OTAM (Dave Chiz as potential author)

BACK to RFP#2 List

It all about how to hook into what's currently available. Do we move also towards pro-activity (how to send a message as opposed to receiving)

Delete PING

Re-issue RFP-1 without restrictions ... Bill - proposal to group to write revisions to RFP1 during Stresa meeting.  Would move date out a bit.  Initial submissions date would then be for long branch.

Bill to work on revised draft of RFP1 to include additional items and clarifications

(Imap4, MIME, uuencode TFTP, x.400, send-to)

NNTP changing hence not in RFP1 - Ask Craig about this


Go pro-active instead of current re-active (Video/Audio and take lead)

Fit with telecoms? Streams is one option

More research required for pro-active

We are now left with a tentative list of 3 item for RFP#2

WEBNFS, SMB, DFS - CIFS (Common Internet File Services) Overlap with OTAM

Discuss as part of OTAM discussion

Dave S (of Netscape)

Boundary between ISIG and IETF?

None, its a SIG

RFP1 ability to access Internet as it is today (a path for CORBA environments)

Discussion around these issues

Focus not on wire protocol (get IIOP implicitly)

How does group decide protocol is of interest?

Via RFI and white papers

Bill: Opinion of Firewall RFP ?

Presented, but no Opinion

Shel - any other items?

Bill - Motion to adjourn