At OBJS, I research, develop, and administer software and hardware. I'm currently working on eGents, an agent system that communicates over email.   Past projects at OBJS include developing techniques to improve the Survivability of CORBA-based systems and a survey of programming languages and environments for development of Internet-based applications.

Prior to joining OBJS, I worked on the DARPA Open OODB and its predecessor projects at Texas Instruments' Computer Science Laboratory. I was involved in the design and implementation of virtually all components of those systems, but was primarily interested in issues related to programming language API, storage and memory management, communications, object representation and translation, namespace management, performance, and the application of OODBs to image understanding environments.

Before that, I developed system software for the TI Explorer Lisp Machine from its birth in 1983 until just before its death in 1988, primarily fixing bugs and fleshing out Richard Stallman's Lisp Machine code, especially his begrudging implementation of Common Lisp. Funny guy. The Lisp Machine is still my preferred computer, and Lisp my favorite language, although I don't get paid for using either any more. In fact, I may own the world's largest private cache of Lisp Machines, eleven. Why? Funny, my wife asks the same question. (When it was time to move, the question was unavoidable, so I divested (to another Explorerphile) and now I'm down to four.)

Prior work includes a (the first?) Common Lisp implementation for the Sun workstation and a few years of business application development in both commercial and academic environments.

Before I got into computers, I sorted and delivered lots of mail, fixed lots of VWs, washed lots of dishes, was a theater usher, bussed tables, operated an industrial printing press, did odd jobs for the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, mowed lawns and shoveled snow.

I received an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.A in Biological Sciences from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, a wonderful place to raise ducks and strawberries. I grew up in Wethersfield and West Hartford, Connecticut and Needham, Massachusetts.

I'm married, have two kids, and work and play primarily in Plano, TX West Grove, PA, where I've renewed my friendship with ducks and strawberries.

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