Proposal to DARPA ISO for OBJS to act as a Coordination Agent for DARPA-OMG-W3C Technology Transition

Craig Thompson, Frank Manola
Object Services and Consulting, Inc.
{thompson, fmanola}, 972-379-3320
May 19, 1998

Our proposal

The attached white paper argues that DARPA's technology transition path to industry can be improved if there is a more active interaction with key industry standards development organizations (SDOs), principally the Object Management Group and the World Wide Web Consortium. It argues that an easy way to create an effective interaction is to install a coordination agent responsible for fostering this interchange. It lays out criteria for selecting such a coordination agent.  We propose that Object Services and Consulting (OBJS) provide DARPA with this coordination agent on a provisional basis for one year. This will allow DARPA to assess whether this process is of value and should be continued.

Who at OBJS would be involved (Qualifications)?

We propose that the following personnel be involved:

What we propose to do

Tasks. Deliverables.

Rough Cost Estimate

Rough Cost Estimate: $238,892 (negotiable). We assume a start date of 1 October 1998 and a one person year term. If successful, the term can be extended to additional years at DARPA option.

We assume a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract with a 7% fee. [An alternative to creating a separate contract is to add money to the DARPA ICV/I*3 contract Scaling Object Service Architectures to the Internet, DAAL01-95-C-0112, AO C366, which is currently due to end on September 28, 1998. DARPA PMs: Kevin Mills and Dave Gunning). DAAL01 is CPFF with a 7% fee.]

Labor. Both Manola and Thompson are senior architects at OBJS. The rate for senior architects is $60.09/hour.  Manola will be assigned 70-90% to this task and Thompson 10-30%. We assume 75% availability.

OH and G&A. OBJS OH rate is 95% and G&A is 8%.

Kind of Travel
 # of trips
 mtg fee
OMG trips
 1 person 5 days
W3C trips
 1 person 3 days
DARPA reviews and meetings
 1 person 1 day
DARPA program workshops
 1 person 3 days
Total Travel          $22,526
DARPA Memberships in SDOs.  OBJS is itself a member of OMG ($2000) and W3C ($5000) paid for by overhead. DARPA should separately become a member of both organizations with OBJS voting as agent for DARPA where appropriate. DARPA membership costs will be OMG ($10,000) and W3C ($5,000).  These membership fees are not included in the above cost estimate.