Comments on High Level Framework for AITS Architecture

Craig Thompson
November 17, 1997

These are comments on the 18 Oct 97 draft of the foil presentation High Level Framework for AITS Architecture sent by Rich Ivanetich by email.

Top Level Comments

The presentation is needed and on the right track but will require more work to be fully useful.

The presentation represents one (and not the only) very useful view of the AITS architecture, namely a view that focuses on architectural properties that the AITS architecture must have to achieve Rick's 4 Cs (complete, consistent, correct, and current) plus Rich's E (evolvable).

This is a good level for the Architectural Review Team to ponder.  One of the questions asked of the review team was, "What role can the Review Group play in terms of the long-term framework?"  If this document is related to that question, then its worth making these additional comments:

Detailed Comments

I hope this critique is useful.  I agree with most of your conclusions, think both sense of framework are useful to AITS, and so like the spirit of the presentation.  I am just not sure the reasoning process to the conclusion is as clear as it might be.  Having thought about this, at this point, I think the sense of framework that is most solid in this presentation is the second one and maybe only a few changes would be needed to make this clearer, if that is what you intend.

Hope this helps,