Final Report

CoABS-ALP Integration

Frank Manola
Object Services and Consulting, Inc.

Task Objective.  In 4Q98 we observed that the DARPA Advanced Logistics Project (ALP) cluster architecture and the evolving DARPA Control of Agent-based Systems (CoABS) grid architecture were similar in several ways, sharing common architectural issues [12], and suggested a task to explore how ALP might benefit form CoABS technology and how CoABS might benefit from using ALP as a testbed.  Jim Hendler and Todd Carrico both were interested and so the task was initiated in February and ran through June 1999.

Results.  The effort identified several promising areas for technical exchange between ALP and CoABS, and described how a number of aspects of CoABS technology might be added to the ALP architecture [5].  Based on comments received from Marchall Brinn and Brian Kettler, these seem to the good areas for any future mutual activity between the two programs.  The effort has also described architectural issues shared by ALP and CoABS, described the various CoABS projects, and how these projects might relate to these architectural issues [9].  The general conclusion reached at the meeting described in [2] is that while a certain amount of work between the two programs can continue to go forward on an informal basis (e.g., the way Marshall Brinn and Brian Kettler have taken time to work with me), an intensive effort to integrate ALP and CoABS activities beyond the end of the current OBJS effort would require a certain amount of change in current directions (probably for both programs), and hence an explicit decision by Jim Hendler and Todd Carrico to engage in specific activities.

Reports.  Reports and other material produced under this effort are listed below:

This research is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and managed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under contract F30602-98-C-0159. The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, or the United States Government.

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