WebTrader Demo Script

Tom Bannon

Object Services and Consulting, Inc. (OBJS)

May 26, 1999

0.  Clear out all running apps possible - need max memory & cycles on the
laptop (it's a tad under powered for this demo).

1.  Double-click on WT icon.

2.  A DOS window comes up, shows the activity of Makefile actions to
create all the pieces of the demo. Takes a minute or two for everything
to come up.  It's all there when there are 2 WTs, 5 Agents, and 3 Clients.

Explain to your audience what they are seeing: WT, Agent (a service),
and Clients.  Also, explain that the USA WT is servicing the 4 Agents
underneath it, as well as the 3 Clients beneath them.  And that the Euro WT
is servicing the single yellow client.  Like USA is one domain, and Euro

3.  1st demo - Basic WT Operation.  Click the start button on the Blue
client.  An animated gif token shows up on the client to show it's active.
It makes a request looking for blue agents to the USA WT, and  its token
shows up there to show that the WT is working on it.  The WT returns
all the blue agents it knows about to the client.  Since the client wants
the cheapest one (note $ signs on agents), it sorts the results on cost,
and tries to connect to the cheapest.  When it does connect, the token
shows up on that Agent.  Press the stop/start toggle button on the client
a few times to show the connection to the agent.

4.  2nd demo - Rebinding.  With the agent from step 3 running,
kill it by clicking on the window-kill button.  Client will notice in a
few seconds, and pop up a window telling you so.  Then it will
re-query the WT, get new results, sort, and connect to the cheapest
first (the dead one), not succeed, try the second, and succeed.  Gentlemen,
we have rebinding! (thunderous applause).  Tell the audience that in the
case of the WT being dead, the client could perhaps use previously
cached results, or even consulted them in the first place.

5.  3rd demo - Federation.  Stop the Blue client running by clicking
its stop button.  Start the Yellow client. Talk about how it is in the USA
domain somehow, but that the USA WT doesn't happen to know about
yellow Agents (only red, white, & blue).  So the USA WT won't find any.
However, the USA WT notices that it came across an ad for a WT
that does know about yellow agents.  So the the USA WT passes on the
yellow clients request to the Euro WT, which finds a yellow agent, passes
it back to the USA WT, and then back to the client.  Stunned silence
from the crowd.  Simply amazing!

6.  Ads - to see the HTML page containing the XML ad for any of the
pieces, WT, agent, client, click on their label (such as "Blue Client") - it
is a hidden button (visible on mouse-over) that brings up a simple text
viewer through which you can show the details of the ads.  At what point
you do this in the demo is up to you - I usually did it at the end, or when
the person wanted to know more detail about how it worked, or when they
seemed to be losing interest (since the demo is slow, it can happen - best
to have some conversation going to cover for the waiting).