OBJS Technical Note

Information Access Services

Craig Thompson
Object Services and Consulting, Inc.
July 1998
One of the often cited kinds of agents are information agents that are intended to access heterogeneous data sources.  Below is an outline of the kinds of properties and services that are found in I*3 systems.  The DARPA I*3 program mostly dealt with querying heterogeneous data sources, something that coABS needs to do.  While most I*3 like systems do not invoke the agents paradigm, some do, for instance the MCC InfoSleuth project.  Some of these notes come from an overview paper by Nancy Lehrer (ISX) on the ACME mediator architecture (sent to me for review, not yet released).  ACME is intended to be a prototypical I*3 architecture and implemented system. The above does not yet take into account the multi-query optimization and channel architectures of the DARPA AICE program.