Laki Safari Park

Laki Safari Park is a nature preserve administered by the World Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife (WFPW).  Located to the west of Laki in the Binni region of NE Africa, the preserve is home to a wide variety of animal and plant life in a natural setting.  While the primary purpose of the preserve is conservancy, ongoing scientific studies monitor wildlife on a continuous basis.

Animal Monitoring at Safari Park

In June 2009, Safari Park began an international exploratorium nature monitoring program.  Larger mammals (elephants and lions at present) were fitted with monitoring devices that capture each animal's Results of key observations are sent at the beginning of each month by wireless email to a central database which the public can query using a natural language interface (try it out - OBJS MBNLI).  To see how a query about elephant herd location over time might look when plotted on a map, click map.  Scientists and the public are invited to subscribe to receive periodic updates on their favorite animals (using OBJS eGents system) - results are shown here (status).