CoAX Vignette:

Information Agents Save Endangered Elephants at Safari Park  (CNews)

In our 18-month scenario we are focusing on execution - so an opponent is now involved, things are going to change and we can expect the unexpected.  Activities now focus on: execution; execution monitoring; dynamic plan review, maintenance and update (time-scale hours); combat assessment and battle damage assessment; 'information operations', media ops and support activities (logistics, medical personnel admin etc). The bottom line here is lots of complexity, intense dynamics, and small tactical events can have strategic effects, so ...

The firestorm has been planned in part of Binni near the Laki Safari Park. The elephants in the Park were fitted with tags in 2009 as part of a World Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife (WFPW)  program to monitor the effect on the elephants of the climate/agricultural changes in the area. The tags report information on the elephants (position, etc) using eGents (part of the Everything is Alive pervasive computing grid).

The media has heard about the firestorm mission and there has always been political disquiet about it - but they now get a 'leak' that the mission is near the Safari Park.  The JTFC is ordered to monitor the Park and finds out about the WFPW tags and uses the information from them to locate the elephants. MBP will show the position of the herd as a single icon which updates as eGents send in new position information.

JTFC wants to find out more about the elephants and how far they roam. It uses MBNLI to access the WFPW database of information collected by the tags over the last three years and finds that the elephants tend to move west in September - and information that the eGents are currently collecting shows that indeed that this is what is occurring.

The firestorm is potentially compromised and a go / no-go decision has to made at the highest level as by now the aircraft will be about to take off and time on target is only 40 minutes away ....

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