Joint Meeting of the



OMG Manufacturing Task Force


Minutes:  James Odell

Dublin, Ireland
September 11-12, 2000

Co-chairs:  Frank McCabe, James Odell, Craig Thompson

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OMG Document:  agent/01-12-05

13:0013:20  Call to order, introductory discussions

13:2014:15  Agents on Manufacturing presentation and discussion - Mikhail Kazakov (

14:1514:45  Ontology Activity Updates Roger Burkhart (

14:5015:20  Break

15:2015:45  Agent-based Scheduling and Planning for Industry - Jim Odell (

15:4516:30  Artificial Life related activities at Dublin City University Barry McMullin

16:4015:00  Dynamic Graphs: potential applications research from Santa Fe Institute Roger Burkhart (

15:1515:30  Discussion - all participants indicated a desire to have another meeting in Anaheim

15:30  Adjourn