OMG Agent Working Group

Minutes of Meeting #7

Minutes:  James Odell

Cambridge, MA
November 15-16, 1999

Co-chairs:  Stephen McConnell, James Odell, Craig Thompson
Agent Working Group reports to ECDTF and Internet PSIG
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FIPA Liaison report – Franck McCabe, Fujitsu

The new direction of FIPA was presented. Don Steiner (Siemans, located in Berkeley) is now president; Francis McCabe (Fujitsu) is now the Vice President. He is also liaison from FIPA to the OMG. David Levine (IBM) volunteered to be the liaison from the OMG to FIPA.

Francis said that the preliminary draft of the FIPA architecture is expected to be released in March 2000. Final would probably not be until Spring 2001. The RFP goes out in July 2000. Francis talked about the FIPA Abstract Architecture a little but not in detail and suggested focusing OMG RFPs on identity services, message transport, and agent discovery services. See further discussion on the RFP roadmap below.

Green paper status – Jim Odell

Overview of version 0.82 presented -- available at .

Goals of green paper:

Only two new sections of green paper since last time, both by Craig Thompson, one on agent grid and another on agent system-wide properties.

Additional contributions solicited for next meeting:

Process view of our next steps

Lay of the Agent WG land. We are still cleaning up the green paper. We are now mining it for RFP ideas to get a roadmap and initiate some high priority RFPs.

RFP Brainstorm

Agent identity

Message transport

Agent discovery

Agent/object mobility (triaged - consider requirements sooner so as not to preclude but RFP later)

UML profile for agents & ACL& agent platforms

Configurating and version control (triaged - consider requirements sooner so as not to preclude but RFP later)

Agent security ("Trust")



Content Language

EC brokerage

Agenda for Mesa meeting

Extending UML for agents (AUML) – Jim Odell

Presentation available at

OA&D TF has an RFI for next generation UML (responses due mid December). What extensions of UML are needed to support agents?

Discussion led to other suggestions