JBCI - The Java ByteCode Instrumentor


JBCI is designed to support the insertion of probes and probe stubs into Java bytecode. It modifies .class files by inserting calls to selected probes using selected customizable instrumentation techniques. JBCI can be extended with new probes and instrumentation techniques. Both GUI-based interfaces and programmatic interfaces (using some kind of probe placement specification language based in XML) will be available. The GUI-based interface is available now.

The probes/stubs may call out to non-Java based code via JNI, so the actual probes may be written in various languages.

Technically, JBCI installs probe stubs into the .class files. These stubs call out to the selected probes. JBCI installs probe stubs in such a way that it can later identify those stubs. This enables one to see all stubs that have been embedded in a .class file, as well as enables the removal of probes. JBCI also supports the inclusion of probe IDs and descriptions.  

Many new improvements since the initial version, and more coming all the time!

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