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OBJSSoftware Surveyor Gauge Toolset

Category(ies):Probes/Gauges (Dynamic Analysis & Tuning, Event Monitoring)
Institution/Company:Object Services & Consulting, Inc. (
Description:Gauge ToolSet:

The current set of gauges include Coalescer, EventMonitor, EventMerger,StackTracer, Historian, and Mapper. 

Coalescer merges streams of separately collected eventinformation and renders this information on a timeline chart, performinglimited aggregation of events by time interval. 

EventMonitor categorizes events by type and renders HTML-and XML-based displayable summaries with expandable detail. EventMonitorincludes a web server to support browser-based access. It can be configuredto subscribe to any subset of, or all, published events.

EventMerger, an extension of EventMonitor, performs eventunification prior to rendering. Event streams may report on the same activities,but at differing levels from within the application. EventMerger identifiesrelated streams of events by analyzing event content (e.g. stack traces,event type/subtype, component names and other attribute values). This canhelp, for example, to view the overall activities of each probed componentin the application.

StackTracer converts streams of application events intoa trace of program execution and emits an XML representation. The eventsemitted by a probe may be generated via several different execution pathsinvolving the probed method. This gauge provides insight into frequencyof invocation along each path. It can also be used to filter out paths(and therefore events) so that particular application behavior can be isolatedfor further analysis.

Historian archives execution traces and computes statisticsof behavior. 

Mapper provides a visualization of the time-based relationshipsbetween events of an application.

Formore information:Contact Us. 
Paul Pazandak
David Wells
Assumptions:Target application can be written in any language. Version1.0 requires event dissemination via Siena. The Software Surveyor ToolSet v1.0 is implemented in Java 1.3 and has been tested under Windows 2000. 
Status:Active Research Prototype
Availability:It is currently distributed as part of the Software SurveyorDemo v1.0 Distribution.